Our Tours in Salamanca

Our Tours in Salamanca:

Free Tour Fundamental Salamanca

Discover with our free walking tour the monuments that you cannot miss in your visit to Salamanca.

Free Tour Legends and Secrets of Salamanca

(Only in Spanish) Explore on this route the most fascinating legends and stories that you won’t want to miss on your visit to the city.

Private Tours

Discover with us all the places you want to visit in Salamanca, accompanied by an official guide. Choose places, times, duration,… you decide.

Cathedrals of Salamanca Tour

(Only Spanish) Discover all the details and curiosities, as well as the relevant historical and artistic elements of the 2 cathedrals that exist in Salamanca, the Old and the New.

University of Salamanca Tour

(Only Spanish) Explore with us all the history and importance of this monument, as well as its artistic elements and some curiosities. Discover one of the oldest universities in Spain, where the most important personalities of Hispanic letters have studied or worked.